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Sad Farewell

I must admit I choked up as I watched the Space Shuttle Atlantis lift off for the last time. Standing there on the property of Temple Baptist Church with about hundred other people from the community who pulled in off US 1 to watch was something I will always remember. When my family and I first moved here two years ago we went to a midnight launch the first week we were here. Being new we to downtown Titusville to watch from the park. Silly us … we never realized how many people came from out of town to watch these events.

Seeing that ball of fire illuminate the dark sky to almost sunrise color was a sight to behold. How proud I was at that moment to live in a country that developed that kind of technology. We reached for the stars and touched them. The world looked to us. Following JFK’s dream we dared to go where no man had gone before.  NASA became the life blood of the Titusville-Cocoa area. Now, this last mission was almost like a taps being played. Hundreds of families have lost work which means thousands of people and hundreds of other businesses are now affected.

Only 4 astronauts on this last mission. Why? Because if there’s a problem we have no other shuttle to go get them. The Russian’s only have room for 4. Apparently theirs is a subcompact shuttle.

I watched tears stream down the cheeks of an aged WWII who stood several feet away from me watching. I am sure he was thinking, “We did this! Not the Russians! Not the Islamic nations trying to kill everyone! Not the French, the Canadians, or the Mexicans. We did this!” Now it’s over. NASA has been religated to a weather data collecting agency and we are to share our space technology with “Muslim nations as an act of good will” according to the President.

The same political party that asked the country to reach for the stars forty years ago and lead the world is now apologizing to the world and petitioning our courts to free illegal aliens who commit capital crimes.

Godspeed Atlantis crew. We are proud of you and will pray for you. Thank you for letting our hopes and dreams soar above the clouds one more time…

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