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When God Stops By to Say Hello!

I absolutely love God’s timing. He knows just what we need and when we need it. A group from an internet forum decided they didn’t like how handled things at my daughter’s singing competition in summer camp that I blogged on. As I read their comments I could not believe some of their responses. Later that same day …. this commenting was waiting for me on my FB wall…

Caught your comment on the Drive tonight about the music competition. Went to Life Compass as you suggested. Goodness! Let me preface my comments by saying that Midnight Cry has always been one of my favorites. But Hannah’s Midnight Cry shakes my bones and speaks to my very soul. It positively shatters me!! It would be a tragedy if that man’s critique spent as much as a nanosecond in her thoughts. That little lady of yours has a gift that is not her own.

I needed that. Thank you, Lord!

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