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Hope & Change?

So how’s that bumper sticker slogan working out for those of you who voted for it?

Well, I went on an on air rant about this the other day. Factory work now needing college degrees … are you kidding me? When the President boasts of his administration working with community colleges (which already take a credibility hit as nothing more than the 13th grade) to give people the “skill” they need for factory work. “Hey, y’all, just got my AA in Assembly Line.” Is there anyone in the Obama White House remotely in touch with reality? Aside from the socialist, leftist whacko’s he associates with … maybe just one old fashioned blue collar Democrat could help him understand how jobs actually work since he’s never had one. For being our “smartest” President ever why did it take him two years to find his birth certificate? Shoot, I needed mine to play Little League as a kid. Anyway … here’s the rant … enjoy!

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