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Not So Easy

July 27, 2011

So with a straight face she looks at me and says, “That comes to eight hundred and twenty three dollars.” Excuse me … I nearly dropped dead on the spot. $823 for black white photocopies!!?? Let me back up… school begins in two weeks and with our moving locations we have been hard pressed for […]

Debt Ceiling Debate Rages

July 25, 2011

On Capital Hill the debt debate rages on. President Obama and the liberal left want to raise the debt ceiling without any real cuts in spending. The cuts he proposed have to be decided by committees and voted AFTER the ceiling is raised. In other words, raise the ceiling and then we’ll tell why we […]

What Happened to Bigger & Better?

July 24, 2011

Rarely do I blog on the weekend. This will be my third installment this weekend. Go figure. So, I get up this morning and see a bag of name brand (trademark infringement) cough drops sitting on the island in our kitchen. Nope, I do not a cough, the sniffles, or any cold symptoms. But I […]

The Water Is Running … Catch It!

July 23, 2011

It was a beautful Saturday morning… sipping coffee, browsing the internet, working on updates for the church website. Then the doorbell that would change my day. One of next my door neighbor’s informed us we had a river of water going down our driveway and down the street. GREAT. Last time this happen it was […]

Life Through A Car Wash View

July 22, 2011

In Mid-May they arrived early … those nasty little love bugs Florida is famous for. They get all over everything and won’t leave! The front of my van was plastered with them. I was in the habit of washing my van every Saturday and sometimes during the week if it was needed. So I headed […]

Good For What Ails You!

July 18, 2011

From the old west to the post civil war era into the early days of the twentieth century … elixir peddlers, also known as snakeoil salesman, blanketed the rural country side, towns, and cities of Americana life. Eventually replaced by mail order catalogs and US government regulations on patent medicines being  required to list the […]

Harry Potter … Really?

July 16, 2011

Christians debate back and forth over secondary issues of what IS and IS NOT right or wrong. Does a church have to have a Sunday night service or is contemporary Christian music okay for church or _________________ (fill in the blank). But I have always been perplexed when Christians debate issues which are non debatable […]

Bright Idea

July 13, 2011

The BULB Act  (Better Use of Light Bulbs) was not passed this week. 233 members voted yes and 193 cast nay votes. But the House required a supermajority to approve this particular package. In this case, it would have needed 285 yea votes to pass. Tea party groups and grass roots Americans saw it as […]

Admit It…

July 11, 2011

…there are days you just don’t feel like turning the other cheek, speaking the truth in love, or biting your lip. For those special times just remember…  

When God Stops By to Say Hello!

July 8, 2011

I absolutely love God’s timing. He knows just what we need and when we need it. A group from an internet forum decided they didn’t like how handled things at my daughter’s singing competition in summer camp that I blogged on. As I read their comments I could not believe some of their responses. Later […]