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Oh, The Divine Irony Of IT!

You have to love God and how He is able to vindicate and validate after self righteous pharisees pontificate. In short, Jesus got a slap down on someone who needed it.

The preaching ministry of Kenny Baldwin at Teen Extreme Camp at Pensacola Christian College was nothing short of amazing and totally inspirational and life changing. The camp was outstanding, well run, and most of the staff were exceptional in their perspective roles. Yes, there was that one musical judge BUT GOD set the record straight by getting the last word in!

Not only can Kenny Baldwin preach … he can sing! And it does not sound like a PCC tour group either. He sang Champion of Love and Jesus Never Fails with style, passion, and a let it loose and let it rip freeness unto the Lord. Good thing he wasn’t being judged (-snicker-). BUT he and his wife sang He’s More Than Wonderful (Sandi Patti & Larnelle Harris) and brought the house down! POWERFUL! ANOINTED! NOT PCC STYLE!

On the very same night Hannah was told her style was not what PCC endorses and was too senual and worldly … Mrs Baldwin sang a song that immediately was compared to Hannah’s style. Whispers went up and down the rows. The next night Kenny Baldwin led a 90 minute altar call using the music judge as the piano player. I admit I laughed watching him play over and over and over. You could tell the young one was not only inexperienced at that type of service but was visibly uncomfortable with Kenny’s approach to the never-ending altar call. Kenny coached him a time or two on what to do and what to stop doing. LOL. I believe God wants to teach John some things about music, the anointing, and what it really means to sing from the heart. He apparently didn’t get it in a class room or music theory, so God is enrolling him in Holy Spirit 101.

Gotta love God! Our Father … Our Brother … Our Savior … Our Advocate … Our Defender!

***sometime I’ll share what I wrote on the Youth Pastor’s observation and suggestion report for the camp officials to read over and ponder.

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