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The Cookie Cutter

“God made you an original. Don’t die a copy.”

I have used that statement as a motto to young people and old people in my ministry for over two decades.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to break out of the mold others try to put us in. Especially in church … fundamentalism in particular. If we don’t talk, dress, walk, or sing a certain way … other people get nervous.

When someone original comes along they are labeled rebellious if they refuse to conform. Now, the Bible certainly admonishes us to comform to Christ but not to every whim of man. Why? Whims change and can be critical and judgmental based on preference and not necessarily biblical conviction.

Today my daughter sang in a competition. Her sound track was not allowed. She was going to have to sing with an accompianist they chose. No rehearsal. No prep.  She sang The Midnight Cry. Hannah does not sing in stock. By that I mean, she does not sing like nor sound like every other fundamental church girl singer. It’s not polite, sweet, or operetic. It’s full range and, at times, in your face.

The competition has come down to Hannah and another girl. The other girl did a Frank Garlock style hymn (Bob Jones University music). It was polite. It was sweet. At one point there was one half an opera note. The girl sang well. She sang like everyone else who sings that genre of music. Let me pause to say one of my criticisms of CCM is that it does the same thing. How many groups try to sound like Casting Crowns? How many songs right now on the CCM charts are about my weaknesses, His strength, and being renewed? 11 out of the top 20! BTW, they tend to all sound the same.

Conformity is easy to follow. Originality is hard because you are all alone. There’s no one else to lean on or follow.

Conformity is like an assembly line of cookies rolling down the belt to the oven. Everyone exactly like the ones around it.

Hannah may not win, but she sang it the way God made her to sing it. I love that!

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