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Summer Camp

As a Youth Pastor there are certain occupational expectations. One of them is taking the teens to camp. Oh, and you’re expected to looooove the idea of doing it. Well, I organized it … promoted it … made it happen … all while dreading it.

Me? In a dorm room on a cot?

This year we changed camps and came to Pensacola Christian College for Teen Extreme Youth Camp. I cannot explain what a ten hour school bus ride is like when it is 101 degrees outside in Florida humidity. I had been praying for God to do something this week. For the teens. Afterall, that’s why we came. Right?

Standing in line to register our group I began to cry. No, I am not kidding nor am I having a mid life crisis. God’s Spirit touched me in a way I had not felt in a long time. In fact, I wondered if I was ever going to sense His presence like that again. It’s been over two years. Don’t misunderstand… I know He’s with me and He has certainly demonstrated His grace and sent multiple blessings my way over these past two years. He has led me and spoken to my heart. But this was different. This was God getting in my face!

After getting the kids settled in I headed to my room. I had a complete melt down alone with God.

I took a quick nap, showered, and met the kids for the evening meal. Then we headed for the evening service. As the song leader began to sing, “Victory in Jesus” and everyother chorus we sang when I pastored, again I broke open before the Lord. I heard one of the kids whisper to my daughter, “what’s wrong with your dad?” She said, “He’s okay.” At different points throughout the message I just could not help weeping real tears. When the service was over Ira said two things: 1) I miss these kinds of services 2) I miss seeing you like this … sometimes the wisdom of a teenager is amazing. He told me this is the week God is going to give me some perspective and direction.

He then left to go with the guys to the campus water park. I went back to my room and called my wife. I almost could not get through the conversation with her. Then I dictated last night’s FB installment to her and went to bed.

Sensing God in a new and fresh way is life altering. There was a time I took divine encounters for granted. When you go through a stretch of not having any … you wonder if it will ever happen again. When it does … it is totally overwhelming.

Last night Kenny Baldwin said, “God is gonna get up in your business and you are gonna do business with him. People will criticize. People who want to be in your business only do it so no one knows what’s in their business.”

I don’t know everything God is doing but I am excited for the “moving of the water…” AGAIN!

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