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Yup, I Am…

…going to comment on former Rep. Anthony Weiner of NY. No, I am not going to join the pile on. Kicking a man that is down accomplishes nothing more than feeding one’s own self dillusion of sanctimonious self righteousness. Yes, I think he needed to step down. He needs time with his wife and family. I certainly hope that someone in his sphere of friends and associates is a Christian who can share with him what he really needs. 

My contempt is for the hypocritical media and congressmen who pressured him and did the public “shame, shame, shame on you”  PR stunt and damage control to save their own hides and careers. The media was supposedly outraged he lied to them. Really? First, they lie to us everyday. Second, where was this ire when it was Bill Clinton?  His colleagues and fellow members of the DNC threw him under the bus for one reason only (NOT for his sake, the sake of his wife, or seeing him get his life back on track) it kept the spot light on them. The media hounded them. Funny, they stuck by Ted Kennedy. I guess when it’s an election season and your guy in the White House is in trouble then you need the media attention on your political party and record to go away. Especially when one of the media darling’s from Congress who pushed for the Obama agenda (Rep. Weiner)  is revealed to have some personal issues and sins. Can’t have that.

I am sure Mr. Weiner thought his party would rally to him. Afterall, they did for the Clintons … more than once.  I am sure he thought Mr. Obama would provide cover. Maybe even send out Bill Clinton to do a press conference on his behalf. Nope. Saving their agenda and the White House trumps saving Weiner.

What I am sure stunned Mr. Weiner more than anything was listening to people take shots at him on TV whom he knows personally who have BIGGER skeletons than his own.

The same thing happens in Christianity.

I know of a pastor who had an affair. After being confronted by his wife he admitted it and resigned his church. Another man, also a former pastor, rode this failed man to the point of public rebuke on the internet and personal letters to other ministries formerly associated with this disgraced pastor. Now, the disgruntled whistle blower blamed the fallen pastor for the spiritual decline of a family member.  Now, while the pastor’s sin certainly was a glaring contrast to what he was to represent it was not the sole reason for the faith crisis within the other man’s family. That crisis within that angry man’s family had been building for years. Pretending to be one thing in public and at church but then being something totally different at home. What was really disturbing in the whole scenario was the man’s lack of admission and personal responibility for his family. He, too, had been a pastor. Forced to leave the ministry he became disillusioned and back slidden. Family members saw it and were part of it. He allowed underage grandchildren to violate the law while under his supervision. Maybe some of that played a role in their downward spiral and not just the sins and failings of the scape goat pastor.  Now he is an “outraged” advocate of purity in the pulpit. Seeing himself as watchmen on the wall he thunders judgment and condemnation. Really? With his background and past?

So as we watch the media and members of Congress fain shock and spout their disapproval for Weiner’s sins …. anyone paying attention to their sins????

“Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” I Corinthians 10:12


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