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Konnections Across the Country

Remember when email seemed so cutting edge? “Dude, shoot me an email.” Then came AOL and Instant Messaging. Now, it’s Twitter, Skype, Facebook, and XBox … yup a video game.

My sons hounded me for an XBox 360 for Christmas. Now, I admit the last video game system I owned had an Atari logo on it. When Sega,  Nintendo, and Mario Brothers took center stage I was done. When my oldest son turned 5 we got him a Sony Playstation. WOW … no more game cartridges … it was on a disc. I played racing and baseball games with him. A few years passed, and he wanted a PS2. Hold on … what was wrong with the PS1? Lost the battle and a PS2 found its way into our home. Again, I raced, played baseball, and even went hunting. The graphics were better and the motion more fluid. Okay, I admit it … it was fun.

I still have not played the XBox 360. It took me a decade with my sons to learn how to use the “controller” since these new fangled gadgets did away the classic Joystick.  How am I …a man of 43… going to learn how to use my whole body as the controller? Buzzzzz – ain’t happening! 

What is truly amazing is not only the life like animation of the games, the realism of the wars and graphics, but the Konnection. Yes, we have XBox 360 LIVE. My sons not only play other kids around the country but with headsets they TALK to these kids. I can’t imagine firing up the old Atari and talking to someone while playing Missle Command or Space Invaders. What’s really been exciting is for my son’s to reconnect with kids from our old hometown. Kids they played baseball with, kids they went to church with, kids they went to school with … kids that were in our home and part of our lives for years. The other night my son was on with one of his old school buds for about 4 hours. They did more than talk about the game or catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives and school and stuff … they connected.

As a parent who is also an educator, communicator, and a pastor … I have viewed alot of the new technology as way of keeping people apart. Texting has replaced meeting and discussing. We Twit, Tweet, and PM. I am very guilty of it and love it. Watching my sons it dawned on me … USE IT!

Church visitation, soul winning, evangelism, counseling … how can these be done with the new technology? Why do we have to be at war against it? I am not saying never have face to face contact … but what better way to stay connected with people. In the evening I open two internet windows. One for Facebook and log in. The other for surfing. Why do I log into FB? My teens are there. The young people I am the Youth Pastor of live in a cyber neighborhood. Within a few minutes of logging in I usually two or three chats going on about everything from which is better Coke or Pepsi (Coke is obviously) to serious questions about God and the reality of faith.

Life and the reason for living it is not only to love and serve the Lord but also to connect with other people. To meet needs in their lives and be His hands, here. Maybe time would be better spent keyboarding than doorbell ringing. Seriously. When was the last time you bought something from a door-to-door salesman? Exactly! Now, when was the last time you ordered something online? Yup, that’s what I thought.

Let’s go into all the cyber world and connect…

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