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Why Are They REALLY Mad?

For nearly two weeks Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has occupied the news. Unless you were vacationing on another planet you have seen the reports. He denied sending inappropriate pictures over Twitter. “My account was hacked,” was the claim. Then on Monday he dropped the bomb and confessed. Weiner apologized to his wife, his family, and his supporters. Nacy Pelosi immediately called for an ethics hearing. Democrats demanded he step down.

Most of the media, especially the liberal wing, have stated he needs to resign. They claim trust has been breached, he lied, and therefore he must go. Hold on …. my New York native cynical side is kicking into high gear. I am not excusing what he did. I believe he needs to work on his life and his relationship with his wife right now. I am also praying that there is someone within his circle of friends and/or associates who is a Christian that share Christ with he and his family as well as offer help and counsel. I am NOT going to pass judgment or make comment regarding his sins. Apparently, everyone else is doing that.

My issue is everyone else.

Clinton lied. The media still loves him. In fact, he still has a 50 plus approval rating. Most Americans feel that politicians lie all the time. Our President campaigned on the pledge to be the most open, transparent administration ever. Anyone remember the midnight votes and closed door meetings to ram Obama Care through before anyone, including the Congress, had actually read it? So why are they so upset with Weiner? Can anyone say Edwards or Arnold?

Here’s the problem with Weiner. They (the media) LIKED him. He was cocky, wore his liberalism proudly, and walked with a swagger. He coached his fellow congressional colleagues how to do interviews with the media. He loved to mix it up with Fox News (enemy territory) Yes, he was a mainstream media darling. They wanted to believe that a right wing conservative like Big was responsible for hacking his Twitter account. MSNBC was pushing hard how he was being targeted by the right because of his outspoken positions against their budget cuts. Now, after carrying his water, he SPILLS the buckets. He made THEM look bad. There’s the rub.

They don’t really care what he or his family is actually going through. Nor do they care what the women who will now be dragged into this are going to have to endure. This isn’t about Congressional credibility. The MEDIA has lost credibility. They allowed themselves to be led around for days with this story.

The same is true when a Christian leader falls or fails. Some of the sheep get angry and vengeful. Why? Because of the sin or those hurt by it or what others must face??? Nope. It’s because now they look bad. They want their pound of flesh. Funny, scripture takes an opposite approach. Every famous Bible character (other than Jesus) was a frail human who sinned, blew it, and made a mess of things BUT GOD used them anyway! Abraham – David – Peter to name a few.

There are “Christians” who cannot and will not forgive a fallen brother. They are almost gleeful over their fall. I used to wonder why. I don’t anymore. Like the Pharisees who brought the woman caught in adultery to the Lord … those false models of holiness were more sinful than the fallen woman. How do I know this? Well, how did they know where to find her??? 😉

I wonder how many of the politicians and reporters who are part pf the Weiner Pile On have texted or tweeted worse things … OR … how many outraged self righteous windbags who won’t forgive an adultering pastor or fallen brother have their own problems like porn, alcohol, or other secret sins of the heart?????

We should pray for Congressman Weiner and his family. Let’s leave the judgment to God. That’s a good place to leave alot of things!

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