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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Some people learn things the easy way. Some people learn things the hard way. Some people learn by hearing. Some people learn through experience. Some people just don’t learn.

The definition of dysfunction is repeating the same behavior or habit that doesn’t work but hoping for a different result.

Let’s make this practical to understand and apply… when you want someone to leave you alone what do you do? Hint: leave them alone/ignore them/get busy with other things.

You don’t go on the world wide web screaming, “so and so won’t leave me alone. He just wants attention. Everyday I am reminded of him.” LOL … um, who is that REALLY wants the attention by constantly drawing attention to him?

Now, either the person is -sorry- stupid. The more he draws attention to it the less it goes away. Gee, I wonder why….  yah think maybe talking about him/it/whatever EVERYDAY has something to do with it?

OR he is a sympathy seeker. “Hey, pay no attention to my faults and failures and the mess I have personally made of things. Look at so and so. He is why I can’t make it. It’s his fault.”  And people will listen. Especially if they don’t like the so and so being targeted.

What becomes very tell tale are when outside observers can see it for EXACTLY what it is: a sympathy seeker who stupidly allows himself and his emotions to be manipulated by those posing as “friends” who stroke his ego and offer him a sympathetic while stirring him to lash out at the so and so whose fault it is.

So as sympathy guy lashes out, apologizes, lashes out, apologizes, lashes out, apologizes … the dysfunctional cycles continues and he wonders why nothing changes.

As the great philosopher and theologian, Forest Gump, said,“Stupid is as stupid does.” And if I may add … sometimes you cannot fix stupid.

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