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Leave Alone, Me!

One of my favorite memories is of my oldest child when she was about a year and half  or two years old. She was sitting in her playpen. I decided to play with with her by trying  to take whatever it was she was playing with. She giggled at first. Then at one point she jerked it back and screamed, “leave alone, me!” I laughed so hard. We still talk about it today.

Now the truth is I was annoying and agitating her. She has since tied up the record.

There are times people talk about us, to us, or at us. It’s very easy to snipe back. I’ve done it. Guilty.

Quite a while ago I had promised to mail something to someone. It was something I found in preparing to move. Time passed, I forgot about it with moving and getting settled. Finally he chirped up on an internet forum that I had failed to mail him something I had promised. Then, maybe trying to be funny, he started really being dogmatic about it on that same forum. I had missed some of the posts. Since forgetting and moving I had misplaced it. I wasn’t even sure where it was anymore. But he was so animated and agitated over it  I remember thinking, “grow up … call me like an adult and ask me what happened.” For fun I told a mutual friend I would deliver it in person. Apparently this upset him more and more drama ensued. Finally, we made contact with one another I had shared that I had misplaced it but when I came across it I would send it. He expressed that would be fine. Time passed and he chirped it again on the same forum. Oy Vey. I didn’t realize it was a matter of national security. The Lord helped me stumble on it one afternoon looking for something else, so I sent it on.

In the midst of that drama he wrote a post or two about integrity and honesty. O’kaaaaaaaaaay …. well after reading one too many of those essays I retaliated and wrote an article here about basically growing up and being mature. He took issue. Now, I never mentioned his name or location. He and his forum buddies acknowledged the article was about him. Why would you identify yourself on an internet forum as being the anonymous subject of  an unflattering journal entry?

He has stated there are factual inaccuracies in my article. I have asked for corrections only to receive a generic, general statement that two paragraphs are not true. He stated he can verify it. I guess he’ll mail it to me. 😉  In the meantime I have contacted people who were eyewitnesses to the account. If there are inaccuracies I will retract the article.

From time-to-time I use several internet websites as sources of “inspiration” for subject matter to discuss or banter on the DRIVE @ 5 radio program. Recently a man’s experience of being divorced and how he’s been treated in independent fundamental Baptist churches caught my attention. I did a broadcast on it where I feature his post as well as a  response he got. The response was the very antithesis of the man’s dilemma. The man wants to pastor. According to IFB (Independent Fundamental Baptist) tradition he can’t because he is divorced. An IFB pastor invited him to his church where he could mow the lawn, pass the offering plate, and lead Children’s church. I couldn’t believe he didn’t realize that was EXACTLY why the guy left a church. He didn’t want to be less than what he believed he is called to do. Well, it so happens that the pastor in question is the same pastor taking issue over the earlier article on my blog.  AGAIN I did not mention his name. His forum pals did. I did not do a broadcast singling him out.  He offered an opinion to someone – I disagreed with it and it became broadcast material. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I guess he wants to be left alone. Okay. I will remind him so did I but he and his cyber dudes have baited and posted and wanted a response. Guess they don’t like the one’s they have gotten. All parties (myself included) can now go to their perspective corners  and declare: Leave Alone, Me!

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