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Traditions Can Kill

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word TRADITION as a heritage of behavior, custom, or belief handed down from one generation to another. We all have traditions … especially during the holidays. There’s nothing wrong with remembering or honoring what has been and passing it along. But when does it become a hinderance or even a wall against growth and change?

God commanded the people of Israel to erect a landmark and then not to remove it. Why? To remember what God did in that place … so that future generations would know, belief, and expect God to act in their lives as well. He never said, “build it and then live next to it.” Build to remember but once you stop there and enshrine it you have made that moment, that place, that landmark an idol. When our traditions trump the Word of God they have become dangerous and breed sprititual death.

In Mark 7 Jesus Christ hit the traditions of men head on. Notice that these traditions they were so worried about that Christ’s apostles were desecrating came from religious leaders. 2,000 years later little has changed. Religious leaders today still safe guard and defend hand picked preferenced traditions over truth. How many dreams have been crushed because someone with God’s call was called down by someone who couldn’t wrap their small mind around the fact that God chose this person despite the fact they didn’t fit with a contrived tradtion. I mean, how dare God choose someone THEY objected to. Why? He/she did not fit their mold … their model … the ideal of their mind. So they defame, they tear down, talk down, and kill the dream … the very destiny God had for that one to fulfill is crushed. Why? Stick with the tradtion of  their agenda or be isolated, insulted, and dismissed.

And if one manages to stick their head back up, refusing to be kept down and denied … they are a trouble maker, lacking humility, and obviously proud. How about they are convinced they have a divine mandate on their life and are not subject to the opinions and goof ball traditions of those either too ignorant, too hard hearted, or too simple to realize they are poisoning the pot and killing the household of faith with their oppressive, legalistic bonds of spiritual enslavement.

Here’s a clip of a recent DRIVE @ 5 radio program where I dealt with this subject…

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