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Yelping Dogs

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs … the one that yelps is the one who got hit.

Apparently I have a growing fan base of readers who love to discuss my posts elsewhere. They are upset because I don’t take comments. Nope. This is my space in cyber space where I come to vent, muse, rant, rave, and reason. I’m not looking for debate, validation, nor agreement. It is my place to spit, spout, provoke thought,  and maybe inspire.What I find absolutely funny is the fact that those who come on here, read, get ticked, go to an internet forum and state all the reasons they hate my views, my comments, and me … are the very same people who didn’t want my company in their part of the e-world. So, they want to comment here while keeping me out of their space. Yeaaaaaah, not gonna happen.

I have purposely not named anyone nor defamed anyone (0ther than Osama). One person challenged the accuracy of one of my posts. I offered to retract and/or correct misinformation contained in the article. To date the party has not offered any rebuttal or correction.

Some of these people have themselves recklessly, dangerously, and at times intentionally lied and/or distorted facts about myself and others in their little world. When called on it they balk, insult, and claim a twisted, warped view of being spiritual and exposing those of us they have deemed otherwise. In other words, they’re double standard hypocrites who in reality practice far less Christianity and grace than those they are “rebuking” for the same.

Personally, I’m too busy to worry about what they’re up to in their world. But they’re not too busy to worry about what I’m up to. They keep a running daily commentary on me. Maybe I should be flattered. All this fuss over little ole me. It reminds me of a scene from Hoffa when Jack Nicholson leaves the courthouse and is swarmed by the press and he mutters, “ants at a picnic.”

So which one will yelp first over this installment…

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