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This Ole School House

It was the end of an era this morning as Building 4 (on the Temple Baptist Church campus) which houses the High School of Temple Christian School in Titusville, FL was officially retired. For 17 years it has been the place where students caught a vision of what they could be and what they could do. Hundreds of young people have passed through its doors, walked its halls, and and sat in its classrooms. Today desks and computers, white boards and chalk boards, books and equipment were moved to their new locations. 

As the floors creaked and walls clung to billboards being removed it was kind of sad. My first full year as Principal brought many changes to the school. New rules, new procedures, and new philosophies operating on a tighter budget meant Bldg 4 had out lived its usefulness. I walked through its emptiness tonight. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the laughter from kids pulling pranks or the stern warning from a teacher … maybe a “YES!” expression when an average student crossed the line from ordinary to extraordinary with a history project or English composition. The building that housed young hopefuls with dreams, protected and sheltered them on stormy days, and sat longingly waiting for their return at the end of summer will no more be used as a school.  Someone once said, “Buildings do not change peoples’ lives but what happens inside of them does.” True words.

Yes, TCS Bldg 4 leaked. A lake gathered in front of its entrance on rainy days that required a ferry crossing.  Her doors hung crooked and sometimes stuck.  She sagged in the middle and no room was square. Her “temporary” use spanned two decades. But she was used by God as tool in the training and transforming of countless young peoples’ lives to go beyond her walls into a world armed with knowledge, faith, and character.

Good night TCS Building 4. Sleep well. You’ve earned the rest.

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