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Licensed to Drive

She did it! My oldest is now a licensed driver. Yes, I let her take the car on her own the very same day. She and a friend went to Starbucks and then cruised around a little. It was only 4 O’clock in the afternoon. I remember when I got my license. My father told me if I wanted to drive … buy a car! He meant it. I never drove one of his vehicles except to take my road test in. The first car I owned was a 1972 Pontiac which I ripped the axel out in a street drag race (two teenage guys at an intersection “racing” to the next corner). Wanting me to slow down my parents helped me buy a 1973 Plymouth Valiant (Dodge Dart). Not fast. Not pretty. But man-o-man you could not kill that slant 6 motor.

Hannah took my Baby-Bu (Boo) short for Malibu (I own a Cobalt … long story about the name). I’ll share the story sometime.

Well, to my oldest child … I share your joy on this, the biggest right of passage at this point in your life. Coming up next… Senior Year Class of 2012

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