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Insecure Leaders

The dictionary defines the word INSECURE as one lacking confidence and assurance. We all know people who are insecure. They like to be complimented and when you withhold one for more than an hour they want to know, “Is everything okay? Are you mad at me?”

Many times these people are capable, qualified individuals who, because of a past experience or background, doubt their own ability and are constantly in search of affirmation.

I have known people like this. I have worked for and with people like this. It’s like the beautiful girl who thinks she’s ugly and struggles with a compliment regarding her looks.

But then there are those who mask other issues like blatant incompetence with insecurity. 

How would you like to be on a team (corporate-ministry-whatever) and the team leader was constantly looking for affirmation? How about a team leader venting outside the team to people with no direct connection to the team just so he can get a pat on the head and be told, “you’re an amazing guy doing a difficult job in an impossible situation.” How does the team feel when they hear about that or read it on the internet?

Many of us have criticized President Obama for continuing to blame George Bush over  issues created by the current administration. But that is human nature. New bosses blame old management. New pastors blame former pastors. Now, that said there are times former management/leadership needs to be blamed. However, there also comes a point when current leadership must take ownership of its policies, decisions, and choices along with the results they birth.

At this point our President needs to take ownership of the choices and decisions HE made ragarding our economy and stop blaming W. New management/bosses/leaders/pastors need to take responsibility for decisions they make which results in loss of people, business, and impact. Why? Because you can guarantee if things were positive … they would take credit for the turn around!

So when someone who is a leader and has a team, business, and/or ministry that is not doing well and he is still pointing at the previous leadership from one, two, or more years removed then the problem is with the current occupant of the throne.

And when said leader shares the struggles looking for sympathy and desiring people who know little to nothing firsthand of the situation to sing his praises …as we say here on the space coast… Houston, we have a problem!

The leader is incompetent. His insecurities of worrying over who is talking to who and why is this happening … it just breeds bitterness, suspicion, and hurt feelings.

When you seek compliments from those without … it proves nothing. An internet high five means nothing to those who actually have to be on that team or part of that situation. The insecure leader got his ego stroked by people who don’t really know him while those who do are paying the price.

I am currently leading a ministry that was in deep trouble a year ago. I have said nothing regarding the former administration. A year later we are one hundred miles ahead of where we were. Now, if I am going to appreciate the praise I am given for that accomplishment then I need to also understand that if we had slipped even further and things were worse … that would be on me not the previous leader!

Bottom line… if you want credit for success then take responsibility for failure!

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