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Move Over Mini Van Moms…

Yes, I drive a mini van. It’s true. I actually like my mini van.

There was a day that like most red blooded American males I loved fast cars, luxary cars, cars with real beef under the hood. Call me domesticated … but I like my mini van. Now, I certainly wouldn’t turn down the gift of a Jag or a classic ride like a ’57 Chevy or GTO. But with 4 kids whom I taxi around, coaching sports and giving players rides, not to mention being a Christian school Principal and Youth Pastor … a mini van is an essential asset. Tools for projects at school, a rolling-mobile office, and Mandy my GPS guide on the highway … oh, and a super cool cup holder!

It does have a few toys like power everything and stow n go seating. Oh, and a super cool cup holder! 

Sometimes I forget it’s a mini van. The other day I was taking my son Andrew to baseball practice. A guy cut me off. Road rage tendencies kicked in and I hit the gas. After 2 or 3 blocks of “the chase” my 12 year old shook his head and uttered words that totally deflated me – “Dad, you can only be so cool in a mini van. Trust me, it’s not an intimidating ride.” Had I become so domesticated I had settled? Did this ride represent that all my youthful dreams and goals had been traded for the reality of being comfortable and steady and not making waves or living with passion & zeal?

Truthfully I am pushing ahead like never before with a resolve and a determination that rivals a young man just starting out in life with his goals before him. Maybe the real truth is I have lived enough of life and have confidence in myself and who God has made me to be that the ride doesn’t matter. I don’t need a pimped out set of wheels to boost my ego to drive nowhere. I have a plan. I have a goal. I have a destiny. And apparently God is going to take me there in a mini van.

Would I like a Hemi or 350 under the hood with a four barrell Holly carburator? Oh, yeah! But until then … did I mention I have a super cool cup holder?

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