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So last night my wife and I chaperoned our Christian school prom alternative. First there is all the behind the scenes stuff of getting venues lined up, contracts signed, money collected, and everything else it takes for one of these events to happen. Then there are the issues of young people, dates, drama, dress code, pushing the envelope, break ups, refunds, and on and on. Then there are staff members who don’t care for this dress, that couple … or they saw something you didn’t and want to know why you didn’t stop what you didn’t see. I have been organizing and chaperoning these kinds of activities for over twenty years. The only thing that changes are the names and locations.

Two of my children attended. So along with all the other drama and stress of everyone’s problems falling under my watch … now add my daughter’s dress, date, and needs. This was her opportunity to go on a real date with her boyfriend and DAD had to be there. Then there’s my son. He rented tux and was planning on going solo. The night before the formal he asked a young lady whose date plans changed. He and she talked on the motor coach all the way there, while they were there, and all the way home. No stress. No pressure … just Christian fun.

Some of the other couples made me chuckle. There was the blind, arranged date. The friend couples.  One couple saw the young lady sitting with her girlfriend and telling her date, “when I need you or want you I’ll call you over.” There were the “in love” couples. Most will break up by the end of the school year or over the summer.

But overall our kids did us proud. When we step back … they do rise to the occassion.

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