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No Tears … No Cheers

On May 1, 2011 it was confirmed that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by US Navy Seals. Do you know who else died on May 1st? Adolph Hitler … May 1, 1945

After the US won World War II with the unconditional surrender of Japan following two Atom Bomb attacks which killed hundreds of thousands of people, the streets of America -especially Times Square in New York City- filled with joyful citizens dancing and celebrating the end of the war and the return of American GI’s from abroad. No one …especially Christians… criticized them for celebrating the demise of Hitler or the surrender of Japan. But fast forward 66 years and that is EXACTLY what some Christians are doing today.

“Don’t celebrate … it will insight the terrorists.” Newsflash: THEY HATE US ANYWAY SO DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!!!!

“I will not celebrate a lost soul in Hell.” Get over your self righteous self! Osama was a demon possessed, Satanic killer who inflicted pain and evil. Does anyone remember David who slew Goliath? Not only did he cut the head off the giant after he was dead (which I am sure the Army of Israel cheered) but he was ready with 4 more stones in case his 4 brothers wanted to make trouble. How many times did God command His army to leave no survivors -nothing alive? I Samuel 4 let’s us know the people celebrated because Saul had killed thousands and David tens of thousands.

Rather than worry if Osama’s family will be receptive to the Gospel … be more concerned about the hundreds of survivors of 9-11 who lost mothers, fathers, and children who will never accept Christ because they blame God for the actions of Bin Laden. What about the untold millions who hardened their hearts because his terrorism was seen as a “holy war” or the fact God doesn’t care if He allows this to happen. Osama and his family made a decision … a choice… choices have consequences.

No, I will shed no tears for Osama Bin Laden. Not one drop. He is in eternity …an eternity he created by his rejection of Christ and hatred of the Jewish people. I promise you … there were not 72 virgins waiting for him.

I will not cheer Mr Obama. He did what he did out of political desperation … NOT national security. He needed a bump in the poles. Thumped by Trump and a broken economy on his hands he needed a momentum changer. He had known for months where Osama was. IF his pole numbers where higher, his agenda going through, and the economy growing then Osama would either be still at large or under arrest. Mr. Obama will now spend the rest of his term apologizing to the Muslim world and sucking up to them to make nice – nice. With the same cold ruthlessness that cut off Rev. Jeremiah when he was hurting Obama’s campaign bid … Osama was expendable. NOT because of what he did to America and American families. Nay. Nay. He was expendable because of what his death could do FOR the President.

I will weep for American families who lost loved ones. I will never weep for Osama. I will cheer for our military and the strategy forged by President George W. Bush. I will never cheer for the current occupant of the White House who hates this country and whose policies have inflicted as much pain on American families as terrorism has.

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