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Royal Wedding …. NOPE!

The 24 hour cable news franchises and internet news sites are a buzz with news of the Royal Wedding. Am I the only one who thinks, “who cares?” Yet some do. Good for the royal family … hopefully this one works out.

I did, however, have a royal moment. On Monday night I did something I have NEVER done before. I took my oldest daughter shopping for a prom dess! Yup. Normally this is my wife’s adventure. But Hannah caught me at the right time, in the right mood, and the planets all aligned just right. We headed out to Dave’s Bridal Shop near Daytona because there’s no way that the City of Titusville (pop: 44,000) with 2 large High Schools with over 2,000 students each has a store that sells formal dresses. Nope, it doesn’t. Soooo, I took her. I immediately saw three dresses I assumed were fine. Hannah has something else in mind … which means MONEY. My budget is $200 (dress-accessories-hair-etc). I know …every female reader is going: LOL!

Hannah told the sales associate what she envisioned. The clerk mentioned a dress that fit that description and it was only $450 plus $150 for alterations. That’s when I went: LOL!

Well, needless to say we left there and came home. “I won’t go then,” was the threat. Hmmm, new boy friend – all her friends are going – yeah, it’s happening … she’s going and I’m paying BUT NOT $600. So after some “discussion” she found a dress online at Dillard’s. Okay, there’s a Dillard’s on Merritt Island about 30 minutes away. And it’s UNDER budget … I LOVE THE DRESS!

Now, will she settle for shoes from Payless?

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