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The Wonder Years of Doogie Howser with Family Ties

Strange title for a blog entry isn’t it? My boys and I have been watching reruns (let me clarify: bits of reruns since we surf during commercials) of vintage 80’s-90’s TV programs on The Hub. The other night our entire family watched an episode of The Wonder Years that centered around teenage dating. Since my daughter has just entered those waters my sons used it as the perfect opportunity to draw comparisons and crack jokes. I was in college when Doggie Howser made its initial run. Since Hyles/Anderson College didn’t allow us to have TV’s in the dorms I only saw an episode or two when I visited home. At the time the show seemed kind of blah to me and still does. But I do like the last scene of each installment as he sits alone at his 386 computer and journals a line or two about the day. It was like blogging but only you, the author, could see it or read it.

Again, my boys like the show. But they have totally become addicted to Family Ties. Alex P Keaton (Michael J. Fox) has captured their imaginations. It was a show I enjoyed while in High School when it made its first run. To me it now seems dated and the acting isn’t exactly as I remember it. The political humor still works and Fox was the series star without question.

Looking back it made me wonder what it would be like if we could actually sit down and watch our lives like a rerun what would we see? Would we be the Kevin Arnold or his brother Wayne or one of his goof balls friends like Paul? I can remember being as sure and confident and idealistic as Alex Keaton when I was 19 and 20. Today …. a little more seasoned, salted, and a little less sassy. Notice I said LITTLE. I seem to relate more to a Dr. Doogie sitting at his computer waiting for the next brilliant statement to appear in his mind so that he may type into his journal.

Not sure those thoughts or this blog does anything to change the world but it gives me a place to vent, clear my head, and hit the reset button. Looking back at the past is fun but one cannot live there. Life must lived.

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