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The Apprentice

Okay, this may be considered a stupid entry for a blog but I love The Apprentice TV Show. I do. In fact, one year I centered a youth conference theme around the idea of partnering with God as an apprentice.

I really like the regular Apprentice where candidates are vieing for an actual job by performing tasks for Fortune 500 companies. Celebrity Apprentice pits well known and lesser known personalities and celebrities against each other to raise money for charities. There have only been two times Trump’s decision to fire someone ticked me off.

In the second season when he hired Randall, the self promoting showboat, over Jessica. She was clearly a better leader and Prince Randall had messed up on two tasks which should have resulted in his firing. Oh well…

Then last night …4/10/11 … when Trump fired Michael over Gary. Stupid. First, Michael is an excellent contestant and extremely capable and professional. Second, the executives for Australian Gold missed a great marketing campaign idea. Backbone’s pirate theme was so much better than A.S.A.P’s beach (YAWN) display. What was the exec’s beef with the guys? They didn’t use their bear logo. ARE YOU KIDDING???? Does McDonald’s use Ronald McDonald in all of its commercials …I’ll save you the brain energy on this one… NO THEY DON”T! Those exec’s proved they are unimaginative and have achieved success by pure luck rather than an exciting game winning plan. Pirates searching for treasure and discovering Australian Gold was clever and funny and totally unexpected. People LOVED it. The “gold life” exec’s should be fired for missing this one.

And Trump needs to execise some backbone and tell these corporate sponsors when they are missing the obvious.

The guys presentation and execution was better than the girls. Period.

Done ranting … have a nice day!

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