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Sentimental Journey

As my oldest daughter prepares for her Sweet 16 birthday I am finding myself becoming a bit sentimental. This was compounded this week by the organizing of my old computer files. I placed over 4,000 photos on two flash drives. That doesn’t include the 2,600+ I am currently still using. The photos revealed a younger, thinner me. Starting out in the ministry on radio and in childrens’ work, then pulpit supply, my first pastorate, and now serving as an associate pastor over youth as well as administrator of our Christian school. 

This week I heard from several people and families from my former ministry. Two by email, two by phone, and several through text and/or Facebook. On the one hand I miss them. On the other hand I have new people and families I minister to so my heart is here now. I was humbled by their reaching out to me. Those kinds of contacts after years of no communication are always bitter sweet.

Time has moved on. That season has passed. I’ve changed. They have changed.  

My days are spent in the ministry God has called me to here.  Whether it is leading a staff meeting or organizing a school or youth event or sitting behind the Drive @ 5 mic on a weekday afternoon venting and commenting on life and His Word … my days are full. As I watch my children grow older and mature I am so thankful for what God has given to me and allowed me to keep. Tonight my wife and I sat in the stands and watched our 12 year old son crush a baseball deep into the outfield giving his team a two run lead. Hannah and her boyfriend watched the game with us as Charity cheered on her brother. Ira sat quietly. He and I talked later and shared how he misses things like playing baseball with his brother. Ira has aged out. He has blossomed as an extremely capable point guard for his basketball team. Not to mention he has a substantial role in the upcoming Spring play. I explained he needs to look back with fondness for what he had and with greatfulness for what he has now. Good advice for all of us.

While I understand his feelings for what he has lost I also wanted him to know what he has gained. This has also led to his brother Andrew being out from behind his older brother’s shadow. He’s no longer the tag along playing on his brother’s team. Andrew has proven he has talents and God gifted abilities. He has been anointed to sing and tonight he solidified the fact he can play baseball. In fact, he was officially invited to join the AAU travel team and play “real” baseball. A group of coaches have been scouting him. So my summer just got filled up. We’re in process of relocating our school to nicer facilities, I have staff to hire, a budget to set, summer youth camp to go on with the teens, an adult connection group to lead, messages to prepare, and churches to preach in this summer. Shari is leading the ladies ministries, assisting me with the youth, serving in the music ministry, and more. Hannah is preparing to be a Senior, singing in our teen praise team, singing in the choir, singing solos, preparing for the play, learning guitar, gearing up for volleyball, and texting-Facebooking-iPoding from her room and with her friends and with him….  Charity is Charity. She is a bundle of energy and quite the socialite for age 10.

My wife and I are so thankful for the time God allowed us to serve Him in New York. We are so blessed to have known some wonderful people and pastors as a result. One of my dearest pastor friends from New York is coming to Florida next month to speak at our graduation.

As native yankees (not those guys from the Bronx either) and with family in New York we will always Love New York. But our hearts and minds are in Florida. Our serve is to serve Him here to the best our abilities that He receive the Honor and all the Glory.

Who knows where the journey goes from here….

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