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Caught Him

GOD gives parents a special sense of just when to open the bedroom door, check their FB page, look at their texts, gloss through their iPod tune selections, and etc.

Over this past weekend I took my family to Miami. On Sunday morning after I came out of the bathroom after having finished my shower I saw something that made me pause. It was my oldest son Ira. He was sitting on the foot of his bed … reading his Bible! That’s right!

This morning I went into the kitchen to get some coffee and there he was eating his Cinamon Toast Crunch cereal and reading his Bible.

I have not said a word to him about it. Imagine, a 14 year old boy reading his Bible.

“No greater joy” than knowing your children walk in truth. Seeing this after a long night of computer related issues which means I am going to be making a purchase in a few hours of a new computer puts things into perspective. Trying to continually patch up an old computer and add new programs is like putting new wine in old wine skins. It doesn’t work. You cannot improve a faulty operational system.

At salvation we become new creations. No, we have not been updated or upgraded. We have been recreated! That’s right. We are brand new just out of the box. We have new operational systems. As I watched my son reading his Bible he was updating and upgrading the new creation process with the Word of God. Once you have the right operational system in place than you can keep updating and upgrading … growing in Grace.

Catching him reading his Bible changed my whole day!

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