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Malark(e)y 12a


Origin – 1925–30, Americanism ;  origin uncertain (Depression Era slang)

Definition – nonsense; rubbish

Malarky is a term used to describe something that is silly, foolish, or fake. “He’s full of malarky.” What is it that gets people to believe malarky? Usually there is some truth mixed with the nonsense to make the foolishness palatable.

There are times or a time in nearly everyone’s life where they suffer an injustice, a wrong, or an unfair situation or circumstance. Perhaps, they were sinned against. Obviously there are varying degrees of sins and injustices that people endure. Yet, in the general sense there comes a point where you move past it and get on with life. In some cases you may even need to own your own mistakes and failures without assigning all the blame to someone else.

There have been people I have had to go to through the years and make things right with. There has been a rare instance or two where someone refused to allow things to be made right. 

What becomes disheartening in one particular situation is knowing that real people are hurting but refusing the very thing that can ease and erase their pain. Furthermore, in vengeful bitterness they lash out, accuse, and embellish. Yet, while they claim their disillusionment has led to their faith crisis, lack of accomplishment, or trust of people/authority/spiritual leadership etc … they themselves have hurt people as well! In some cases, they demand things be made right with them (which they really won’t allow) while never making right their own sins against others.

Some call it hypocritical. Others call it a paradox. I call it MALARKY.

They need to own their own sins and failures and release others from theirs.

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