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Right Turn, Clyde

Do you remember the Clint Eastwood movie he made with an ape named Clyde? There’s a scene where some bikers harass him at an intersection. Clint says to the ape, “Right turn, Clyde.” The ape sticks his arm out the truck window smacking the biker and causing a domino effect.

Right and Left. A simple concept. We learned it before we went to school. I just assume that adults have mastered this less than complex idea. Especially drivers … FEMALE drivers. But apparently I would be wrong.

Saturday morning I was heading south down an avenue in my town. The road comes to a T. Now, there are only two definite possible choices and perhaps a third.

ONE: Right Turn

 TWO: Left Turn

 THREE: U-Turn.

That’s it. Not hard at all. The road widens at the end as to allow people turning right to get over and people going left to parallel. So I approach the intersection with a car ahead of me. They (she) goes all the way to the right of the lane with her right turn signal on. Being a reasonably intelligent man I deduce she is going to make a right turn. NOPE! I would be wrong.

As I pull up alongside her I realize the front end of my vehicle is about to be ripped off as she makes the WIDEST left turn I have ever seen in over 25 years of driving. She looks over at me as I throw my hands up in the air with the “what the..” expression on my face.

I sat there in silence for a moment when my 10 year old daughter broke the silence with, “Daddy, would you teach me to drive like a man and not like a woman.”

Okay, Monday …. here I come!

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