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Spring Has Sprung

The calendar states that Spring began on March 20th. Many people noticed signs of Spring before the official start date. Buds on trees, warming temps, birds chirping … are all indicators that Winter has passed. But that does not mean Winter goes quietly.

Having lived in the Northeast most of my life I can tell you that just when you thought you had survived a mean, harsh Winter with all of its snow, ice, cold and gray skies as patches of grass became visible among the breaking up of snow and temps began to rise into the warming 50’s and blue skies came into view …. you could get a BLIZZARD the very next day!

Several years I went to northern Michigan a week after Easter. When arrived it looked like Spring. No snow, buds visible everywhere, and the usual Spring look. No kidding … I laid down in my hotel only to look out two hours later and see nothing but white as a nasty snow storm bore down. When it ended the next day there was two feet of fresh snow on the ground. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Florida it’s different … very warm during the day and downright cold at night. But that’s another story.

Spring sprang for the Braemer’s on Saturday and no I don’t mean the season. While lowering the garage door Saturday afternoon I heard this bing, bang, SNAP. Hmmm, being a bright, intelligent man I said, “that doesn’t sound good.” When the door would go back up my lightning fast mind thought, “Houston, we have a problem!”

The rention coil spring SPRUNG … actually it BROKE as in snapped off its coupler. Yee Hah!

For about an hour I tried seeing if I could “fix it” but that wasn’t happening. I Googled my problem only to learn that even most Do-It-Yourselfers recommend professional help on this project because it is, and I quote, “potentially dangerous.”

Let’s see…

Choices … Choices:

A) Get harpooned by a steel guiding rod while trying to set the torsion on the spring but saving money on a service call 

B) Pay for parts and labor but live without physical injury.

Hmmmm … lemme think awhile on that.

So an overhead garage door professional will be at my house bright and early Monday which means noonish. So, what does one learn from all of this? It’s too early and I’m too tired to think of one right now. Gimme till Monday and I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Until then … Enjoy Spring!

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