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Over Taken or Taken Over?

“If a man be over taken in a fault…”

I was reading a pastor’s interpretation of Galatians 6:1 and it got me thinking. He basically stated the word overtaken means to be suddenly caught by surprise. He was defending his position of not feeling any obligation to restore fallen brethren. That’s fine but don’t misinterpret the Word while doing it!

His teaching is that ONLY people who have been caught by surprise in temptation and then sin are worthy of restoration. Those who planned their sin are not. Hmmmm

In other words, he is saying there is some sin YOU have no control over.  You sin without being to help yourself. NOT TRUE! All sin is a conscious decision … a choice! “But every man is tempted when he drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.” James 1:14

Sin is a pride issue. We sin because we WANT to. I John 2:16 gives us the outline how it works… Lust of the Eye (we see it -the temptation) Lust of the Flesh (we desire it) Pride of Life (we scheme to make it happen). The idea that we are one day just caught off guard and sin without being to help or control ourselves is not only foolish … it’s heresy. It means satan has the power to make you do things. “The devil made me do it!” Nay Nay

He can only tempt or entice. We sin when we choose (drawn away by our OWN lusts) to.

So what does over taken in Galatians 6:1 mean? It means when you dabble in sin it has the power to over take you. In other words, once YOU open the door and let it in … it may not leave quietly without a fight. Example: ADDICTION. No one sets out to be a drug addict. Maybe it starts at a party or with friends just for fun. Then a few years later you find yourself and your saga as an episode of Intervention.

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