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“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Dr. Lee Roberson

There is little doubt and no argument that we are living through a recession. Here in Titusville, Florida over 20,000 jobs have been lost or affected in the past year alone by the loss of the Space Shuttle program at NASA.  Real estate is stagnet and the over inflated prices of the housing market have exploded to the point that many people owe more on their homes than what they are actually worth. People live with the very real fears of losing their jobs and their homes.

When my family and I first moved here in August of 2009 it was a very unsettling and scarey time for us. We rented a home that was in foreclosure, I worked odd jobs that paid little, and it took my wife four months to find a full time RN position. We lived in the constant fear of the bank taking the home and not having a place to go.

As I shared on my radio program, the Drive @ 5, we lived for two weeks on $23.00.  God demonstrated His goodness to us over and over during a very uneasy, restless time.

In mid March of last year I felt that stirring from the Lord that something needed to change, and I needed to get busy to doing something for Him. One Sunday I spent the entire morning in prayer in a side room. At home I could not eat or rest that afternoon. I ended up driving and praying. Finally, I ended up at the studios of WPIO in Titusville. I sat in the car for about 30 minutes before mustering the courage to go in and speak with the station owner, Randy Henry.

I asked him if I could purchase some air time and play some of my sermon tapes. He told me he didn’t sell air time to local preachers in slots larger than 5 minutes. As we talked he asked if I would be interested in developing a live daily program from 5-6 during the afternoon drive time. ARE YOU KIDDING? THE most popular program on his station was and is The Morning Drive with Pastor Larry Lincus.

WOW! A daily one hour on the air open mic pulpit to thousands of listeners! So on the first Monday of May 2010 I replaced Moody Live with the Drive @ 5. The irreverent Pastor Marty dealt with politics, news items of interest to the church, and rants-ravings-reasonings on every other subject under the sun mixed with music and comedy.

Just as that got rolling I was asked to serve as an assistant administrator of the Christian school at our church. One month later I was asked to be the administrator. In October of 2010 I became the Youth Pastor of our church. God has certainly allowed my cup to runneth over. Just as new responsibilities were being added we moved into a house that we can now call home. It is decorated to our tastes and all of our boxes are unpacked and we are now official residents laying down roots.

God did all of that and more in just over one year. BUT GOD!

As many of you know the story of my wife and I … you know what this means. God poured out His grace and forgiveness and then added an extra measure of His divine favor. Why? Repentance always leads to restoration. The desire on the part of the fallen (as you know sin is not a fall but a choice … however the Word God describes it as a fall) to get back up (Prov 24:16) allows God to present opportunities for that person to be used again.

Now, you may be thinking, “what does this have to do with people being unemployed and facing financial crisis?” I am coming to that.

God put me “back to work” doing the things He gifted and enabled me to do. I stepped out by approaching WPIO Radio and drawing on 20+ years of ministry as a Pastor and in radio. When we do what we can in the natural … God adds His super and then we the SUPERNATURAL act of God at work in our lives.

Start doing what you know. Let God add His super to it. Then watch what happens (John 10:10). Take responsibility and leadership for your life. Don’t be a victim. Don’t be a statistic. Mount up with wings and soar to new heights. Stand firm on the promises in His Word to never leave you, to do all things through Christ, and to be blessed and prosper.

Do what you know!

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