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Walmart at Christmas

Like many people I shop at Walmart. When we first moved here and limited to one paycheck we bought our groceries at Walmart everyweek. Since moving and now with two steady incomes it’s just faster and easier to shop at the Winn-Dixie down the street.

Through the years I have made many substantial purchases at Walmart for Christmas. Usually the big ticket toy items.

Several years ago I purchased a combination TV with built in DVD for my youngest daughter. On Christmas morning she opened it up and her smiles quickly turned into tears when we discovered it did not work. It was the ONLY thing she actually asked for that year. Soooo, on the Day After Christmas I trudged back to Walmart to return it. Nay … Nay. They were out. Okay … I’ll take a refund and purchase it elsewhere. Nay … Nay. They do not give back cash only instore gift cards. Fine. They issue me a card and I find a TV with DVD player seperate she likes and we head to check out.

“I’m sorry … the computer link between Arkansas and here is down, so we are not honoring any Walmart gift cards today. Come back tomorrow!”

Now I say “NAY … NAY!” Either honor the card or give me cash. I cannot come back tomorrow. This is my child’s Christmas present. Make it right! This went on for quite awhile. I tied up a line for an extended period of time. I apologized to those waiting. One woman said, “I’m in the same boat and I wanna see what they do for you.” Finally the manager came out. He kept repeating store policy. I demanded either cash back or they honor their card. FINALLY … he brought out a cash bag. He issued me cash which I handed right back for the TV set and DVD player. As I walked away … others in line told the manager to stay put with that cash bag.

This year my oldest daughter wanted an iTouch 4th generation iPod. N’kay… off to Walmart. While there I also purchased an XBox 360 for my oldest son, a wii for my youngest daughter, and paintball & air soft guns for my youngest son. Christmas Day comes … everyone is happy. I have coffee. Life is good.

Christmas Night my daughter informs her is cell phone is fried (another blog). Yesterday she tells me her iTouch will not turn on. So 2 electronic devices in 12 hours bite the dust in her hand. Okay, get the slip and back to Walmart. No fuss. No muss. Simple exchange and we’re out in record time. COOL!

Two hours later it’s back to Walmart because the new iPod will not communicate with any computer in the house. Thus it could not be synced.

BACK to Walmart. This time they wanted everything short of a DNA sample. Finally back home and by 9:00PM (after two visits to Verizon and two visits to Walmart) all was right with the world again. now my daughter has discovered Skype … YIKES!

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