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Baby, It’s Cold Out…

So this year I get the family all talked into a Christmas in sunny, warm Florida. Sixteen months ago we moved from Yankeeland to the south. All my children ever knew at Christmas was cold temps and snow on the ground. This year we decided not to go back for a Christmas visit but enjoy the season here.

Chistmas Day we spent with our former pastor and his wife. Very nice. Very tradtional. The weather was pleasant and the doors were opened. On December 26th it was FREEEEEEZING! 40 degree drop in 24 hours with SINGLE digits last night.

Now, admittedly, I have been laughing at people here who break out full winter gear when it’s 55-60. I still wear shorts on those days.

But this is cold. Even if you’re Sarah Palin from Alaska … this IS cold!

Just Say’n…

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