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What you don’t expect…

There are things that happen in life that we KNOW are going to happen but when they do we usually aren’t prepared or weren’t expecting it to happen THEN or NOW.

This morning we did our usual morning routine… let the dog out, feed the cat, wake oldest daughter, let the dog back in, prod oldest daughter to get up, make lunches and pack them, force oldest daughter out of bed, feed the dog, make the coffee, awaken the other three children. As I stood in my youngest son’s room I noticed his hamster, Harold, was not moving. I tapped the glass … no response.  I opened the cage and reach down in. Cold and unmoving, Harold was gone.

Needless to say, this was not what anyone …especially my son… expected today. He understands that death is part of life. But that does make its unwelcome intrusion into our lives any easier.

For those of you reading … you think “it was only a hamster.” To my son it was a companion who was there anytime he went into his bedroom.

How many times do we expect our day …our week …our very lives to be one way and something we never expected happens?

Take a moment to the thank the Lord for loved ones, family members, and special friends. Count your blessings and as the song says, “name them one by one.”

Sixty nine years ago today none of the sailors stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii expected an air attack by Japan. Lives were changed forever.

Take nothing for granted today. Be blessed…

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