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Archive for December 2010

Walmart at Christmas

December 27, 2010

Like many people I shop at Walmart. When we first moved here and limited to one paycheck we bought our groceries at Walmart everyweek. Since moving and now with two steady incomes it’s just faster and easier to shop at the Winn-Dixie down the street. Through the years I have made many substantial purchases at […]

Baby, It’s Cold Out…

December 27, 2010

So this year I get the family all talked into a Christmas in sunny, warm Florida. Sixteen months ago we moved from Yankeeland to the south. All my children ever knew at Christmas was cold temps and snow on the ground. This year we decided not to go back for a Christmas visit but enjoy the […]

What you don’t expect…

December 7, 2010

There are things that happen in life that we KNOW are going to happen but when they do we usually aren’t prepared or weren’t expecting it to happen THEN or NOW. This morning we did our usual morning routine… let the dog out, feed the cat, wake oldest daughter, let the dog back in, prod oldest daughter […]