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As Goes the Commode … So Goes the Nation

As a kid from the 1970’s I grew up in a plumber’s home. My dad owned his own plumbing & heating service company. One think I cannot say without hesitation or reservation … we had the best water pressure and plumbing in the neighborhood.

Our shower was probably more like a reduced rate power washer. None of the faucets dripped and hard water was not allowed. We did not have a food disposal because “garbage belongs at the dump and not in water lines.” Dish washers were out because they “wasted water and weren’t as clean as hand washing.” My father would only use copper pipe because pvc was “a liberal plot to downgrade American greatness” according to my dad.  As a kid I thought his plumbing notions were funny. As a teen I thought they were annoying. As a young adult I found them absurd. Now … he was a prophetic genius! A man ahead of his time!

Do you remember REAL toilets? Do remember the old toilet that required two or three men to move? Do you remember the toilets that if you were sitting on it when you flushed there was enough G force to take you with it?

Today… liberals who want a green America (code for wimp, lazy feel good America) passed laws that lowered the rate of water used by commodes. You say, “that’s a good thing. It saves water.” BALONEY!

First, these underpowered glorified bird baths don’t have enough pressure or water flow to flush a single sheet of toilet paper … let alone taking care of real business. Second, by the time you flush five or six times to wash down the waste …. you’ve probably used DOUBLE the water you would have used with a REAL, OLD FASHIONED WATER GUZZLING VACUUM TOILET!!!!! Third, today’s toilets even sound wimpy. Wooosh -shhhhh- whisper woosh. The toilets of yesterday shook the house, woke the neighbors, and sounded like a raging rapid.

Today’s toilet is a portrait of liberalism. Give you something that looks right but doesn’t actually work. Not only doesn’t it work … it makes more work for YOU! Along with flushing you need a super duper plunger to finish the job. But hey … we’re saving the planet.

Classic liberalism does one of two things. 1) It Creates A Problem Where There Was Not A Problem … ie: water saving toilets – no trans fat – outlaw talk radio  2) It Creates The Wrong Solution To Real Problems … ie: instead of  programs to train homeless people to work we give them fresh needles to inject their drugs through when they crawl back into their cess pools. Oh, and on election day Acorn drives them to the poles to vote for people who will give them free pot.

But at the end of the day liberals go home feeling good. And that’s their reason for existing. Don’t really fix anything. Just inflict laws and assinine stupidity on functional working Americans while rewarding lazy, shiftless malcontents whose greatness ambition is to get the high score on Wii.

Yes, I came to these conclusions this morning when I plunged my green, water saving, five star energy efficient toilet for the tenth time this week.

Just like my dad predicted plastic pipes were only the beginning to the cheapening of American know how (which has all been exported elsewhere) … water saving toilets are what Mr Obama and his ilk want for America. Gutless, weak, and in need of outside help. Not a plunger but United Nations mandates and begging China for more help.

It’s time to flush liberalism. We need to restore constitutional power and limit how those beltway boys effect us.

Oh, and let’s build REAL toilets… THE DRIVE @ 5 Radio Program

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