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The Value of Great Thinking

“An invasion of armies can be stopped, but not an invasion of ideas.” Victor Hugo

Manytimes, progress is only one good idea away. At the dawn of the 21st Century the company that revolutionized the computer world, Apple, and its creative force, Steve Jobs, were being left behind in the wake of Microsoft. Apple stock fell to about $12 a share. The one time leader was now a far distant follower. Then something happened…. Internet Music

Downloading music to your computer became the rage. But what if you could download music to something you could actually carry with you?

Introducing the iPod!

A decade later Apple leads in the inovation and implementation  of digital computer media development. Did Steve Jobs invent music? No. Did he invent stereos, CD’s or the Walkman? No, he made them obsolete.

He saw a need, created an opportunity for himself, and thought of a way to take the computer entertainment people enjoyed on their PC’s and notebooks with them in the palm of their hand.

Steve Jobs took a product that alreay existed, added an idea to make it better, and now we have iPod’s, MP3’s, smart phones, and iPads.

One more thing… Jobs is a college drop out. Mark Twain said, “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.” The problem with most educational institutions is that they teach you what to think. GOD desires that we learn HOW to think.

Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, and even Rush Limbuagh were all school drop outs BUT they learned to develop their thinking skills.


Poor thinking produces negative progress. Average thinking produces no progress. Good thinking produces some results. Good thinking produces great results.

Great thinking is not necessarily deep or big thinking. Greatness is often wraped in simplicity. A great mind sees oportunities where others see problems. In this economy, as bad as it is, there are those who can make money. The difference? How they think!


When large retail chains avoided small cities and towns, Sam Walton saw a gold mine of opportunity. “Pretty simple. Build stores where there aren’t any and you’ll have customers.” Today, Walmart is the number 1 retailer in America.

His simple thought was a GREAT idea.


Unsuccessful people focus their thinkin on survival. Average people focus their thinking on maintenance. Successful people focus their thinking on progress.

When I took my first pastorate, a rural church, I was told a hundred times over “you can’t build a church in the country.” The mentality of the church when I arrived was simply make it to another Sunday. I decided to do in the country what people drove to the metro areas for. We added a school, Praise & Worship, developed a media ministry, authored books, developed new ministry approaches like Wednesday Sunday School, brought in nationally known guest speakers, and developed a ‘do it right or don’t do it at all’ philosophy. In less than two years we grew from 19 to over 500, built buildings, and created new ministries and out of the box approaches to ministry.

Today, as I serve the Lord in Florida as a Youth Pastor, Christian School Administrator, Radio Host, and speak-teach-preach … I’m doing what I did in ministry all my life. Find out what we’re not doing and doing it!

Unlock your mind and let an idea out!

Proverbs 23:7

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