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Validation Addiction

A few years the Christian media and book world was buzzing over the concept: Approval Addicition … living your life to please others rather than finding out what God wanted from you and accepting who you were in Christ. Mega church pastors and online sermon sites offered series after series on this subject. The goal was to get people more interested in how God saw them rather than seeking the approval of what other people thought.

Today, I’d like to coin a new phrase (new in the sense  I haven’t heard of it but maybe it has already been created) and that is: Validation Addiction.

We love others to agree with us and many times we will agree with others simply because it’s easier than swimming against the current.

Internet forums and chat rooms offer banter and idea exchanges but for the most part it is the status quo approach that people settle into even if they “think” they are independent and free with their opinions and views. The game is simple. Pick a topic …any topic… launch a thread about it and then get as many people to agree with you as possible. If that happens it obviously means two things: A) You’re Right B) You’re Views Are Validated by the Support of Other People

Truth doesn’t require a majority. Truth can stand on its own merits. In fact, many times the mere fact you can raise quick support on an issue may indicate more an emotional charge and lynch mob mentality rather than factual, actual support.

It’s ironic. Someone will contend for a certain point. But if enough differing views are presented … the contender may yield to the pressure. Why? The need to be valid.

In the movie Dead Poets Society, Professor Keating (played by Robin Williams) demonstrates to a group of high school young men in a private prep school how easy it is to conform and give up leading just by walking with the group.

For some people it is their whole reason to justify their insignificant existence … “other people agree with me.” They really have done very little in life and with their lives but boy can they burn up a computer keyboard in rapid time … faster than a teen texts or a celebrity tweets on Twitter.

They have purpose. What is it? 18 people gave them a thumbs up on a message board after they posted.

It’s always a wonderful feeling when others like what you have to say or agree with you. But when our sole purpose is simply to be validated …by people we don’t even know on an internet social site… there’s a problem.

Our validation comes through Christ by the fruit we bear … with or without a crowd of adoring validators.

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