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Reproached By Whom?

There’s nothing worse than righteous puritans who feel it is their “God given duty” to point out what everybody else is doing wrong.  Many of them do it from a cowardly place of anonymity. Easy to point out the flaws and sins of others when no one knows who you are to return the favor.

They seem to thrive on the pain and misery which results from other peoples’ sinful actions. They comment. They pass judgment. They hand out advice and counsel that was never sought. They and they alone are the defenders of truth.

I know these people. I was one. In fact, I am sure there is still some of that in me even today. But once your own pride and arrogance trips you up and you become snared by the very sins you once condemned others for … you gain a new perspective. Hopefully, one that is more merciful and grace filled toward others.

I can remember railing on those in ministry who failed. Especially those who failed morally. Then came the reckoning day when I had to face my own moral sin and its consquences. Suddenly I was reminded that with the same judgment we mete out to others shall be meted out to us. Sobbering words.

I have felt the sting and crack of my own whip in these past 15 months.

Proverbs tells us that adultery bares a reproach that shall never go away. It’s not that Christ doesn’t forgive. It’s not that Christ doesn’t forget it. It’s not that His blood doesn’t wash it away or cleanse us from all unrighteousness. No, it’s none of those things.

It is, sadly, because other Christians don’t forgive and won’t forget. Shameful. We can dole out judgment and condemnation but not forgiveness with the same resolve.

Some contend that those who fall can never be restored to service or leadership or ministry again. Well, the Bible certainly does not teach that. Nor does it advocate such. This is the destructive message of the self righteous judgment of modern day puritans parading as keepers of all things just and holy.

Christ took our sins and bore our reporach.  Whom the Son sets free is free indeed…

Feeling condemned today? Romans 8:1

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