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Boxer Rebellion

….no, not the historical one but the one in my house. Our house is filled with boxes as we get packed to move. The house we have lived in for the past 13 months was in foreclosure when we rented it. It has been an unsettling feeling not knowing when the day would come when we would get that “knock” on the door telling us it was time to leave. 

At first, it gave me panic attacks. No kidding. Everytime the doorbell rang I “knew” that was it. When we first moved in we had little money, no employment, and didn’t know anyone except our Pastor. The church people we knew were casual at best. We were newbies.

As time passed and God (as always) proved Himself faithful … employment was established, there was income, and we got to know people. Wonderful people. Well, we settled into this home BUT not too much. I stopped worrying about the knock. In fact, I told the adult class my wife and I lead (Life Builders Fellowship) that God would take care of it in His time. They were pressing us about looking at houses, time running, and etc. But Shari & I were really pretty calm and subdued. We looked. Bit twice … both fell through, so we just waited.

Isn’t it funny how we will trust God with something BIG like that and then fall to pieces over something insignificant. GUILTY! I do it.

Well, a couple of weeks ago the knock did come. I called our realtor, a member of our church, and arranged to look at more houses. Ron took me to look at a house (Shari was working that afternoon). I knew immediately she would love it. But it was her decision. She got to see it a couple of days later and loved it. Soooo, now we’re packing. This time it is much easier and faster than when we came here.

First off, we’re not sorting through stuff we accumulated at one address for 15 years. Secondly, because this was a temporary set up we didn’t unpack everything from the first move. Aaaaah, brilliance on my part (or lazy depending on your vantage point). One thing I didn’t really unpack was my library. Over 20 boxes of books when we came here. Today, I sorted through them. All of the main commentaries, study books, biographies, historical books and some pleasure reading books I kept. All those books by everybody and their brother on everything from time management to beating depression I tossed.

Going through some boxes I found things I didn’t even know we brought or that I still had. We found some paperwork that I need to return to its rightful owner and have made arrangements to do that.

It is amazing what we store away in boxes. 

My sons and I made a trip tonight to get more boxes. People have given us boxes. Our house is filled with boxes and totes and more boxes.

I can pretty much say that I am sick of boxes. After a full day of filling boxes and carting out garbage bags of junk we’re not taking with us … we headed out as a family for burgers and a walk through Lowes. Kids picked out wall colors (they all want new comforters, too) for their bedrooms. Shari and I looked at everything from light fixtures to kitchen sinks. We dreamed. We planned.

She is getting a new house, the colors she wants, and a fireplace. The kids are getting new rooms, an already completed tree house on the property, and other goodies. Me? I have my family. I am blessed. Certainly not because I deserve it but because He is good and merciful.

Of all the things we have packed, will unpack, and throw away … it dawned on me today that the most important possessions in our lives are not packed in boxes. They are gift wraped in love and given by our Heavenly Father.

My wife did tell me I can finally get a flat screen TV…

Wonder what kind of box that comes in?

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