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Don’t Get Stuck On Stupid

“Stupid is as stupid does.” ~ Forrest Gump

Sometimes in life we do dumb things. Admit it. There are times when you done something, said something, or acted like a dope. But some people have turned stupidity into a way of life.

I am not talking about those who have special needs or a disability. I am talking about those who commit premeditated stupidity with their eyes wide open.

The Bible calls this foolish or them fools. Seriously.

Some people are stuck on stupid.

Who are these people? First of all stupid does not mean simple. There are some people who are relatively simple in their outlook on life who are brilliant, passionate people doing incredible things for God. Some of the greatest ideas and inventions have been the simplest ones. Who invented the safety pin, the paper clip, or post it notes? None of those inventions seems as big as say the invention of the car or electric light BUT when you need a paper clip and can’t find one… all of a sudden that simple gizmo is very important.

Secondly,smart does not automatically mean wise. There are people who are book smart, academic acheivers, and deep thinkers who believe stupid things like evolution, global warming, UFO’s, and universal health care paid for by tax payers so it’s free. Stupid!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning wisdom. Thus, the rejection of the Lord is the beginning of stupidity. Winning souls makes one wise. Refusing to share your faith perpetuates stupidity.  Believing God and accepting His benefits of blessing and propserity is wise. Doubting God and explaining away miracles and blessings is the apex of totally stupidity.

Just a rambling thought on a Thursday afternoon….

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