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LIFE Living In Freedom and Expectation

Jesus said in John 1o:10 “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” What does that mean?

Some people say it means you will never have any problems again once you come to Jesus. Others say you’ll have more stuff than ever before. Still others contend it means greater spiritual blessings only.

Which one is it? Well, I have certainly had problems since coming to Jesus. I have stuff but not sure if it’s more or less of what other’s think I should have. I have spiritual blessings but also struggle at times. Soooo….

It’s simple (those of you who know me -who understand my approach to the Word have already guessed what I am going say) it’s all of it! Yes, there will be problems BUT there will be times of peace and comfort that can only come from having a relationship with Christ. There will be times you will get stuff …even lots of it. There are times when God will pour spiritual truth and understanding into you to the point you think you’ve arrived. Yes, He does all of those things. Then there are times He doesn’t. Why?

Even more simple … soooo He can then do more so you understand it’s Him and not you!

Let me be clear… God does desire to bless us. He wants us to be filled for His glory and His use. LIFE means to Live In Freedom & Expectation. He does not want us bound to sin, addiction, and never ending calamity. He wants us to look Him through faith with an anticpating heart of expectation of who He is and what He can do.

Today, let’s focus on the first claim: NO MORE PROBLEMS

Have you ever had a bad day? Ever have a day when NOTHING went right?

We all have. It seems like the whole world is crashing in around us. What do we do in those times? Proberbs 3:5-6 has the answer.

1. TRUST HIM … you need to fully rely on the truth that God’s purpose in your life is always for your good and not your destruction. He loves you. Sometimes the bad stuff is there to strengthen you … sharpen you … soften you. You need to TRUST Him.

2. LEAN NOT … skip your own reasoning. If you’re honest, most of the time your own reasoning has gotten you into far greater trouble than not. So when things happen … don’t forget God and trust yourself. Truth is that many times part of the problem IS the direct result of your own thinking to begin with. When you believe you are fully in the will of God and stuff happens anyway … DO NOT rely on yourself. Rely on Him!

3. ACKNOWLEDGE HIM … let Him direct. Let God have control. Take your hands off the wheel and let God drive your life.

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