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Mail Character

About two weeks I noticed our mail box was missing off its post. I walked across the road when I noticed the mail box smashed and on the ground. Obviously the victim of a juvenile prank.

I must confess my first thoughts of what I would do if got my hands on the kid(s) who did it was NOT to pray for them or laugh with them.

Well, I bent the box into some kind of shape (not exactly sure what the shape is) and placed it back on its perch. Saturday morning the doorbell rang and I was greeted by a man and an extremely nervous 14 year old boy. Turns out it was a father and son. Introducing himself and his son, the father explained he recently learned his son was involved in malicious destruction to my personal property. The boy confessed to smashing my mailbox for kicks and asked to be forgiven. He was holding a new one along with a letter of apology.

I was totally blown away (which being from New York is NOT easy to do).  I just didn’t think dad’s did this anymore. Not only did he make his son fess up … there were no excuses. None. No blaming ADHD or any other initials, no “he’s just a kid” … absolutely none of that! After telling the young man I forgave him and thanked the father for bringing him to my home … I did invite him to our youth group (it’s the Youth Pastor in me).

That young man has no idea the lesson his dad taught him. I am sure he has punishment at home as well as working off the money his father spent on a new mailbox. But it’s more. His dad taught him to take responsibility and do the right thing. Even when you mess up … do what you can to make it right. You may never be able to fix it all, but you can make the attempt.

My sister went collecting one day for starving children somewhere. My dad found it. He made her go back to every neighbor and give those dimes, nickels, and quarters back. I took a roll of Certs candy from a check out line when I was 5 years old. Seeing me in the rear view mirror of the car on our way home my father asked where I got the candy. He drove back to the store and made me tell the manager.

Fathers’ who take the time to teach life lessons are doing more than they may realize. It instills character. Character is so desperately needed today. Most character training today , the little there is, centers around bullying. That’s good BUT what about honesty, integrity, and a never give up work ethic?

We all need a reminder from time to time about character. Even if it has to come in the mail…

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