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Younger, Leaner, and Meaner

Here’s a retro step back in time. I became a Senior Pastor at the age of 26. It was an amazing experience to be allowed to serve as a spiritual mentor, influence, and shepherd in peoples’ lives. Everyday I woke up excited about the fact I was able to work in the highest calling on earth.

The church from 19 to several hundred in weekly attendance. We even had over 1,000 once over an Easter weekend. Several thousand children attended our VBS programs. That was always my favorite time of the year. I felt like I was being paid to be a kid. We built buildings, started a school, and launched various ministries and outreaches.

Fourteen months away from pastoring and I miss it more and more as each day passes. I miss the time spent investing in people and preparing messages and the thousand other things that go along with it. God has been so gracious to allow me the venue of radio and now to serve Him as a Christian school administrator and youth pastor.

Here’s a little glimpse of me in younger, skinnier days. Enjoy!

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