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Now or Later

There seems to be conflicting messages within Christianity (now there’s a surprise …. NOT) regarding blessing & prospering. Some say it is for now. Others contend it is for later (heaven).

Some say we are to be blessed and prosper and never have a bad time, test, or trial. Hmmmm

Some say we are to endure this hard life and be thankful for our suffering because we’re heading into eternal prosperity. Not much help for now though is it?

So which is it? Both? Neither? Well… The answer: YES. Huh?

Yes, it is both. Yes it is neither. We are to be blessed now. Yes we are to endure suffering now. Yes, blessing is coming in eternity. Yes, prospering is for now.

Trials will come. Storms will come into our lives. Those that say we are to be immune from problems now are not representing scipture fully. Those that contend this life is one never ending trial after another with blessing waiting on the other side are not accurately representing scripture either. Balance is the key.

Psalm 23 seems to be a favorite passage at funerals. While it’s comforting to know that we will (if we have accepted Christ) dwell in the House of the Lord forever. The entire context of the passage deals with NOW! I am to prosper. III John 2 is crystal clear on that point! “Even as my soul prospers” has been misinterpreted as only my soul is to prosper. Nay. Nay. The full passage reads that I am to prosper AS my soul prospers. In other words, my physical state (health,life,provision, well being) is to prosper AS my soul is already prospering. 

That concept tied in with Psalm 23“thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies … my cup runneth over.” If this pssage is only in reference to the hereafter, who are my enemies in heaven (cue the Jeapordy theme)? I don’t have there. But I do have a few here like satan. The table speaks of provision. In other words, God is going to provide and provide abundantly in my life so that my enemies will know from whence my help and blessing comes. I won’t have an FPL bill in glory, but I do here. I need the table set now. Heaven is already taken care of.

People who say we are not to prosper now need to stop praying. Stop having prayer meetings. Stop asking God to do things or meet needs.

The bottom line is understanding that yes problems will come. Trials will find their way into lives as a way of testing us, strengthening our dependence on God, and revealing the character of God in us. BUT trials do end! Battles end! War’s end and soldiers go home. It is not wrong as a child of God to believe for and expect blessing and prosperity (John 10:10).

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Lack now does not mean lack forever.  Step up to the table He promised and receive what you need.

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