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Which Church?

Okay, do you go to church on vacation? If so … what kind of church do you attend? Do you stick with what you are OR do use the opportunity to see what other’s do?

For example… if you’re a Baptist do you check the big nondenominational church in that area to see why they are big? Do you go more or less conservative … earlier or later … well? We’re actually thinking about stepping way out to try a “niche” church. You might thinking “what is a niche church?” 

A niche church is a church that meets a specific need or reaches a specific group of people like a mission church for homeless people or a beach chapel for surfers. Down the street from our hotel is a Drive In Church. At first I thought it was a novelty church … a gimmick designed to attract attention. This church has been doing this since 1953. Their niche: tourists. No fuss … no muss … no pressure. Not saying I agree but it has me very curious.

There is always the standard throw back… the BIG Southern Baptist Church or turning contemporary former Fundamental church. Decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s like picking a place to eat while on vacation.

Do you go with what you know or try something new and different. Sometimes new is expensive and repulsive. Sometimes the stand by is blah, boring, and unadveturesome. What to do….

I’ll let you know.

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