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It’s a holiday weekend that celebrates a true rest from your labor. So what are you doing? Finally getting some of those odd jobs around the house caught up? Maybe you’re involved in a project or participating in a weekend event or competition. Going on a mini vacation? Did you pack … do extra laundry … get everything organized?

Doesn’t sound like resting from labor does it… sometimes we work harder at resting than we do actually laboring.

It’s just one of those interesting little twists of life. My wife works as an RN and assists in overseeing the womens ministries in our church. She labors. I produce, write, and host a daily radio program … I am the administrator of a Christian school and perform other ministry related duties. We’re busy.

We have taken off to Daytona Beach for the weekend with the family. I think we worked harder making this trip happen than doing many of our other jobs.

Never the less, it’s nice to get away and rest from the daily routine and labor. Christ seperated from the crowds and His disciples for times of refreshing. Sometimes you need to get apart before you fall apart.

Happy Holiday

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