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Rejecting GOD

Mr Dan Barker (Co-President of The Freedom From Religion Foundation and outspoken atheist activist) may not think that he has a problem with God, but he clearly has a problem with getting his facts straight.

First, America is not a secular nation. The Judeo-Christian heritage of this nation and its founding fathers is well documented. Revisionists like Dan may those facts away but facts are facts. Second, to insinuate that the National Day of Prayer Proclamation of 1952, which unanimously passed both houses of the US Congress and was signed into law by President Harry S. Truman, was somehow forced on the American people by Billy Graham and the evangelical right is disigenuous rhetoric at its worst. Attempting to spin the facts to paint this picture that our government was nuetral on the idea of God UNTIL 1952 is blatantly false and does not serve Mr Barker’s intellectual honesty well at all.

The First Ammendament allows the freedom of religious worship and expression. Our founding fathers all expressed a belief in a Higher Providence. The Constitution limits government from establishing a state church BUT DOES NOT exclude the idea, the existence, or Person of God as being unwelcome.

1775 The first National day of prayer was declared by the First Continental Congress. Who made up that body? The framers of our nation. Still think the Constitution is Godless? Using Dan’s logic it must also be Elphantless since it doesn’t mention those either. That’s it. There are NO elphants because the Constitution omits mentioning them. That is asinine reasoning at best.

1795 – President George Washington proclaimed a national day of thanksgiving and prayer.

1863 – President Abraham Lincoln signed a Congressional resolution which called for a day of prayer and fasting.

Secular huh? Only in Mr. Barker’s new dillusional reality.

Sadly, Dan Barker is no stranger to Christianity, the Bible, or the church. For 19 years he served as an ordained preacher of the Gospel! Yes, you read that right!

He received his degree in Religion from Azusa Pacific University. He served as a missionary and as assoicate pastors of a Quaker congregation, an Assembly of God church, and an independent Charismatic church. He continues to receive royalties from his popular Children’s Cantatas: “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and “His Fleece Was White As Snow.”

He walked away from the ministry and his faith in 1984 after what he calls an “intellectual awakening.” Today, he travels and speaks at public schools, on college campuses, TV forums, debates, and other venues where he can spread his gospel of godlessness. Dan has authored two books: Loosing Faith in Faith (ISBN 1-877733-07-05) and Godless (ISBN 1569756775)

What is Dan? Is he an evil man who was never really of the household of faith but merely an imposter sent to cause division, confusion, and destruction? No, I do not believe so.

Was he a novice who, when the popularity of his ministry wore off, had an “anti-god conversion” to gain fame in writing books and making the seminar circuit? Again, I do not believe so.

Well then what is he? Hebrews 6:4-6 He is one who tasted of God’s goodness, His gift, and His anointing but chose to reject it and gave it back.

I believe he had a midlife crisis and began to question his faith. Rather than turning to the Word (Romans 10:17) … he turned to secular reasoning. He has demonstrated the warnings of II Timothy 3:17 that states there are those who are ever learning but NEVER come to the knowledge of the truth.

As most atheists he boasts of intellectual prowess yet has difficulty in addressing the subject of God honestly and truthfully. He mixes God and religion and interchanges their distinctions and definions to deliberately mislead his audience or the under prepared, softball interviewer. Yet his shell game is obvious.


QuestionWhat’s wrong with people praying? You don’t have to participate.

Answer – Our constitution prohibits the governmental endorsement of religion.

Issue – NOT the question … praying to God or a god or to the air IS NOT religion. Thus, not an endorsement.

He says people can pray without the government holding their hand. For sake of this argument we will ignore scripture that proclaims nations are blessed when they acknowedge the God as their God …. and we will address this strictly from a logical point of view. His contention seems to be that a National Day of Prayer offends atheists since they cannot particpate. Says who?

Should I be offended that our nation has a holiday called Veteran’s Day? I did not serve in the military. It’s not fair THEY get a day and Non Servers don’t(sarcasm intended).

What about Memorial Day? Are pacifists offended remembering those who died defending our flag and our freedom?

Finally… I personally do not believe in Santa Claus. He didn’t bring me anything last year. Should I write a book? Should I organize a protest? Should I boycott TV channels which feature Santa Claus specials in their programming? No. Why? It’s a waste of my time fighting someone who DOES NOT EXIST!

Mr. Barker and his associates …the atheistic ignorants of the planet… seemingly spend alot of time writing books, giving speeches, and passionately arguing against a “mythical fairy tale” figure who (according to them) does not exist. I guarantee you that Dan does not believe in Santa Claus either. Wonder if he’s written about him?

He sure does have alot to say about a God he says doesn’t exist though.

A very smart man who had many gifts and talents and the call of God on his life has lowered himself to being a fool (Psalm 14:1) Very sad, indeed.

Listen to Dan’s quotes and my responses:

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