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Did you ever have endure a job? You had to do it because you needed the money but hated every minute of it. We’ve all been there.

For me it was a meat packing plant. The shift started in the trim room cuttting the fat off sides of beef. From there it was on to the pump room. There we injected gravy into the meat to make it weigh more. After the USDA inspector left for the day … we got all those roasts back out and injected them again. I got soaked doing that job. I smelled like beef gravy all night.

The evening ended in the freeze dry room where hot meals were sprayed with liquid nitro to become frozen meals. One night I watched a fellow employee who was mad at our supervisor … spit into a vat of sloppy joe mix. I shook my head, removed my apron, and walked out. Done.

To me it was a job to pay my college bill … a means to an end. Since I liked to talk and knew I could probably be a pretty decent salesmen, I took a job in a telemarketing company. That was a niche for me. I was prompoted very quickly and before I knew it I was the branch manager of our downtown Chicago office by the age of 21. Office, secretary, my own parking spot in the garage … I had arrived. Our office led all the offices in sales and productivity.

Soon the temptation was to keep that job. At the rate I was going, becoming a VP before I was 25 was an obtainable goal. But that was not what I was called to do.  I was a preacher. Period.

I have worked in sales and excelled. I have worked in marketing and excelled. I have worked in radio. But the one thing I was born to do was preach … to proclaim the Word.

For over a year I did not preach preach. I taught. I shared. But I did not preach. During that time there was a lot of counsel and introspection.

Preaching for me is as natural as breathing and walking. I am not me without it. I thank God for His abundant grace in allowing me to do what I was born to do.

The most frustrating place to be is out of the will of God.

Many of reading this have given up. You have surrendered … NOT to the will of God but to accepting your current status and frustration as a way of life. Some of you stopped doing anything productive or even close to your potential.

When I was not preaching … there were things I did to keep myself on track. I stayed close to my wife, family, and to the Lord, active in church, volunteered in the ministry, and taught when asked. When the Lord opened up radio again it became a new pulpit as did my blog. Now, it is not the same as pastoring and preaching but it filled a void and kept me where I needed to be.

As the Lord opens new opportunities … I can see His hand of goodness.

If you can’t do what know you born to do at least do something. Not just anything … but come as close as you can. Don’t waste a minute. Don’t waste time. Don’t waste your gifts.

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