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So my dog has this new way he likes to wake me up at 3:30AM to let me he needs to go out … he licks my nose. Then when he gets out he wants to roam, sniff, and then sit. He doesn’t really have to do anything… grrrrrrr!

The same animal that nearly devoured two of my wallets and their contents, steals my wife’s underwear, and has eaten more shoes that odor eaters … likes me. As much as I want to dislike him I just can’t do it.

We have been looking to rent a house. This past week we saw one that had been totally renovated. Beautiful! Cermic tile throughout, new fixtures, stainless steel appliances in the kitchen… this was a place I could easily see myself coming home to each night and grilling in the backyard. It’s two blocks from some of the TCS staff, friends of my kids live the neighborhood, and it’s NOT one of those housing developments behind a gate where every house looks the same. It was a real American neighborhood. I loved it. BUT they don’t want pets. Now, it would be easy (considering our history) to say goodbye to the dog, but I couldn’t do it. He has never done damage to the home we live in (just my personal stuff). My kids thought Sam was history, but he’s part of the family. One year ago they gave up pets to move here. I wasn’t doing to do that to them again.

So this 3AM nose licking mutt has gotten to me. I actually like him … bone breath and all.

Have you ever had a person do that to you? A person you couldn’t stand … tried to avoid … tried to dislike and the more you fought it the more you actually began to like them. Yup. Been there.

Have you ever wondered if we appear like that to God?

Are we the pesty mistake prone person that drives the Lord crazy?

It would do us all to remember that when we were unlovable Christ died for us. Sought us. Forgave us. Undone in our sin like a pet who isn’t housebroken, the Lord is not only merciful, filled with grace … He’s PATIENT. He gave us time to come to Him. He gives us time to grow. He gives us opportunity to be lovable.

If a pet can grow on us .. so can people.

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