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Pardon My Blessing

Do you ever feel like you have to apologize to someone when God does something amazing for you? Do you feel like other “brethren” get bothered, upset, and even jealous over some expression of God’s goodness in your life or ministry?

Let me pause here to clarify… IF you are being obnoxious, arrogant, boastful, and prideful over God’s goodness then I have two comments: 1) Knock it off because it is EXTREMELY annoying 2) You will lose God’s favor by continuing that behavior.  Now, back to the thought…

NEVER apologize for God’s goodness. Did Abraham apologize for the blessing God bestowed on him through a son that would become God’s people and the line of Christ? Simple answer: NO!

What should you do?

I. Testify Without Bragging. You do that by putting the focus on Him and not you. Talk about what He did and not what you’re doing.

II. Don’t Take It For Granted. Don’t assume God will always do it that way or ever again. Appreciate His goodness. Never presume on His act … presume on His nature. In other words, get on board with His agenda. When praying for a provision… let him know about the situation you’re in, express your concerns, cares, and fears but then leave it in His hands.

III. Expect God To Do What Gives Him Glory! Some preachers think only prosper gives Him glory. Others contend He gets glory through your pain and misery. Bottom line… it’s both! There are TIMES when our pain can be used for His glory. But to limit blessing to only be during times of suffering makes God mean. There are MANY TIMES when our prosperity is for His glory. If you  know how to take care of your kids … shouldn’t God know how to take care of His? But to indicate we should never be tested makes us spoiled brats.

There have been times I have abounded. There are times (had one a week ago) where I have been abased. What did Paul say? Accept both … prosper in both. Huh? Yes, you read it correctly. PROSPER in both situations. A man who blesses others while he has it is prospering. A man who will not be beaten, not give up on God, not quit when he is not flush is also prospering.

Pardon me … but I like blessing. It’s a manifestation of the goodness at work in our lives. What’s not to like?

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